What Local Charlottesville Businesses Are Doing During COVID-19

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It is no secret that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a major impact on small businesses. Here in Charlottesville, Virginia, we pride ourselves on our thriving local business community. It only takes one walk around town to find multiple small shop owners who have put their heart and soul into their business. With school closures, people working from home or losing work, and the majority of people social distancing, our local community has taken a hit. 

While these are tough times to be a small business owner, many local companies have found innovative ways to offer their products and services. We reached out to local Charlottesville businesses to find out how they were altering their plans to rise above the challenges. Most importantly, we found out how we, as members of the Charlottesville community, can help them during this time.

Hot Yoga Charlottesville

With most of us staying inside right now, staying active is likely being put to the back burner. Hot Yoga Charlottesville has stepped up to the challenges and brought their classes to the Charlottesville community via their Youtube page. They will be offering multiple styles of yoga, and encourage fellow yogis to submit any suggestions and ask all the questions they may have about yoga. 

In a recent Instagram video, the owner Lizzie’s, put out a heartfelt message about the trials they are facing. “Having to shut Hot Yoga Charlottesville was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I miss it already,” explained Lizzie. 

Hot Yoga Charlottesville has also provided a link to an optional donations page which would greatly benefit their yoga studio during this tough time. To access online classes or to donate, click here for multiple links that will help them continue their yoga community in Charlottesville. Don’t forget to follow their Instagram @hotyogacville to stay updated. 

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Hedge Fine Blooms

Nothing cheers you up in dark times like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Hedge Fine Blooms is a fresh flower delivery service here in Charlottesville, VA. They provide a premiere, diverse array of floral designs for the home, weddings, and other events. 

We reached out to Hedge Fine Blooms and asked how people can help support their business. 

“We love our Charlottesville community and we hope that people will help support us and other small local businesses through this uncertainty. If you can help us get through this stressful time, I can hire back the 8 employees I have had to lay off. We are still accepting deliveries and can also deliver Savory and Sweet Pies from the Pie Chest next door to us on 4th street. Thank you for your support Charlottesville, we love you,” said the Hedge Fine Bloom team.

If you want to order flowers, or just want to see beautiful bouquets to brighten up your day, be sure to tune in for updates on their Instagram @hedgefineblooms.

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King Family Vineyards

Show your support to a long-time, family owned & operated vineyard in Crozet, Virginia. King Family Vineyards offers ultra-premium wines and stellar views. 

Right now, their Tasting Room is open for to-go orders. They have a pick up station available in the parking lot next to the Tasting Room, allowing customers to stay in their vehicles. Free shipping is also currently available online for all orders of 6 bottles or more. King Family is even conducting free wine deliveries of orders for 3 bottles or more. 

If you already have wine covered, consider buying a gift card to help support their family-run business.

For more information on King Family Vineyard and to stay updated, check out their Instagram @kingfamilyvineyards.

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Mud House Coffee Roasters

You can’t get through quarantine without caffeine. A local Charlottesville favorite is Mud House Coffee Roasters, specializing in thoughtfully sourced and carefully roasted coffee. They are currently offering curbside pickup at their 10th street location. Place your order (minimum 2 items), and allow 15 mins for your order to be completed, pull up and flash your headlights, and one of their baristas will bring your coffee to you!

When asked how people can help the Charlottesville community Eric Stone, Head Roaster at Mud House., “I would recommend supporting your favorite, local businesses’ online stores if they have one. Another good option is to buy gift certificates over the phone or online, and when appropriate, order takeout or pickup from your favorite spot,” explained Eric.

For more information on Mud House and to stay updated, check out their Instagram @mudhousecoffeeroasters.

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Zoom Cycle

Zoom Cycle is a fitness studio that specializes in indoor cycling, strength training, and boxing. They are currently setting up an innovative program to workout at home. Zoom is offering a bike rental for those who want to pick up a bike to bring home and take virtual classes. Along with their rentals, they are also running daily deals on workout apparel. There’s no better time to get healthy and stay active. 

In a recent Instagram post, the Zoom team wrote, “Zoom is our baby, we took a big leap when we started this business and have worked hard over the last four years — holidays, weekends, early mornings and late nights — to bring you the best cycle (and now train) experience possible. There's no playbook as a small business owner on how to handle a situation like this but we're moving forward with integrity and social consciousness in doing our part to slow the spread and "flatten the curve." 

For more information on Zoom and to stay updated, check out their Instagram @zoom.cville. 

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Market Street Wine

Market Street Wine is an independent shop for wine, beer, and gourmet products in the heart of Charlottesville, VA. They have an impressive selection of beverages with something for everyone. Currently they are offering curbside pick up. All you have to do is call in and tell them what you would like, pay by phone, and they give you the details for pickup. 

“As much as we would love for things to carry on as normal, we know that in order to keep those most vulnerable in our communities safe, we will all need to minimize interactions. Let’s be proactive! Come stock up on delicious foods (Rancho Gordo beans, Scratch Pasta and sauce, Nona’s Cucina sauce and Trager Brothers coffee to name just a few options), get a stash of delicious wine and beer and be ready to limit outings and visits. Let’s keep each other safe,” Market Street Wine wrote in a recent Instagram post.

For more information on Market Street Wine and to stay updated, check out their Instagram @marketstreetwine.

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Support Cville Restaurants

If you want to help from home, consider supporting Charlottesville restaurants by donating to the 

Charlottesville Restaurant Community Fund. Charlottesville is a hub for delicious local cuisine and many of these establishments are struggling to keep employees at work, pay important bills, and keep their doors open. This Go Fund Me page was started by Kate Ellwood and she has raised over $20,000 for the restaurant community. The goal is to reach $200,000 to help restaurants pay rent, utility bills, and other overhead costs. 

For more information, head to the fundraiser Instagram @supportcvillerestaurants

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It’s important for us as members of the Charlottesville community to support small businesses during this tough time. If you can’t head into town, there are also ways you can support businesses from home. Writing reviews, buying online gift cards, and following social media pages can help small businesses get seen. If you can, consider supporting your favorite local business. It can make a big difference for our local community.

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