What Local Blacksburg Businesses Are Doing During COVID-19

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It is no secret that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a major impact on small businesses. Here in Blacksburg, Virginia, we pride ourselves on our thriving local business community. It only takes one walk down Main Street to find multiple small shop owners who have put their heart and soul into their business. With school closures, people working from home or losing work, and the majority of people social distancing, our local community has taken a hit. 

While these are tough times to be a small business owner, many local companies have found innovative ways to offer their products and services in a safe way. We reached out to local Blacksburg businesses to find out how they were altering their plans to rise above the challenges. Most importantly, we found out how we, as members of the Blacksburg community, can help them during this time.


Sharkey's Blacksburg has been serving our community since 1992! They offer a delicious selection of wings, ribs, and burgers among other options. They are currently offering curbside pick-up & free delivery for all food, beer, and wine options on their menu. This is a great way to support a local business and have a burger and beer delivered straight to your door. Sharkey’s is also offering DIY pizza making kits. This is a fun activity the family can enjoy on one of your nights.

For more information and updates, follow the Sharkey’s Instagram @sharkeys_blacksburg.

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310 Rosemont 

You may have seen 310 Rosemont’s stylish outfits in the window on one of your Main Street strolls. This is a contemporary boutique specializing in finding the best trends for both women’s and men’s fashion. Their team has come up with a creative way to use social media to their advantage during this time. 310 Rosemont is offering “Instagram Ordering,” a trendy way to make online orders, easy from the comfort of your own home.

How you order:

Step 1: Screenshot the item (or items) you want

Step 2: DM the screenshot with your size and email

Step 3: 310 Rosemont will send you an invoice to your email for you to complete

Step 4: Have trendy clothes show up at your door!

For more information on 310 Rosemont’s new online ordering or if you want to peruse their items, check out their Instagram @shop310rosemont.

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Blacksburg Pilates

If you are looking for an all-in-one pilates and fitness studio, look no further than Blacksburg Pilates. They specialize in Pilates, Spin, TRX, Barre & Personal Training. They are currently working on offering online classes through Zoom, Facetime, and Skype. In a recent Instagram post, they shared how they are feeling with the new changes to their business.  “This has not been an easy process, but a necessary one. We are so grateful for each of you and your support,” the Blacksburg Pilates team explained. 

If you want to stay active during this time, stay updated on their Instagram @blacksburgpilates. 

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Blacksburg Wine Lab

This Blacksburg establishment is known for their tasty food, knowledgeable staff, and of course, their delicious selection of wines from across the globe. Blacksburg Wine Lab is offering food and wine to-go and will also be serving 8 customers at a time for those wanting to dine out of their home for the evening. They are even offering to-go wine flights so you can have an at-home wine tasting! You can contact their email, info@blacksburgwinelab.com, to learn more. 

Katie Pritchard, co-owner of Blacksburg Wine Lab, reached out to us with their official statement on the current situation. 

“This crisis will be a great challenge for us due to the very nature of our primary goal: Blacksburg Wine Lab’s foundational mission was to create a wine-focused community space. A place in which professors, students, business people, patrons of the arts, and young professionals come together to dine, meet friends/colleagues, or just have a light wine libation after work and/or learn more about wines.  We are really all about providing the most elegant and refined wine forum to bring people together…the exact opposite of the required social distancing that our current calamity demands.

Thus, we are having to reinvent the business model entirely, and will be experimenting with exciting and novel ways to bring great wines, unique tapas, and educational opportunities to the people via the interwebs and new pick-up/delivery options. Yes, that means you should all keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming launch of a Blacksburg Wine Lab TV channel online. And, yes, the plaid car will be our new delivery vehicle! The best way for Wine Lab clients to support us during this time would be to embrace our new experimental enterprises and, of course, to keep drinking great wines,” explained Katie. 

To get more information on any of these new features, please sign up for their list-serve at: http://eepurl.com/dM_ZaE

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Blacksburg Farmers Market

Your one stop-shop for all things local is the Blacksburg Farmers Market. They carry everything from local produce to fresh, homemade bagels. They are currently open for business with a few changes to their safety practices. They are asking their customers to "shop & go.” While the market is usually a place to socialize and connect with the Blacksburg community, during this time of social distancing it is important to them that everyone takes the proper precautions. 

“Please stay tuned for additional details as we continue to navigate this difficult and rapidly changing situation. Above all else, our goal is to continue to provide Blacksburg with local, healthy food and to continue to support our local farmers,” the Blacksburg Farmers Market wrote in a recent Instagram post. 

Keep up with updates on the Blacksburg Farmers Market Instagram @blacksburgfarmersmkt.

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On a day trip to Roanoke, you may have stopped by BitterSweet, a bohemian women’s boutique. This is a trendy shop serving up unique, fashionable items. You can support their shop by ordering from their online store, where you will get free shipping at checkout. 

When asked what creative strategies their business was implementing, the BitterSweet team said, “We are going to be doing “virtual shopping” a couple times a week on our Instagram live. You can also make private appointments to shop by emailing us at paula@shopbittersweet.com

BitterSweet carries everything from chic jewelry to cozy sweaters. Everyone is sure to find something in their style on the online shop. To stay updated, be sure to follow their Instagram @shopbittersweet.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/B947Lytjg6M/

It’s important for us as members of the Blacksburg community to support small businesses during this tough time. If you can’t head into town, there are also ways you can support businesses from home. Writing reviews, buying online gift cards, and following social media pages can help small businesses get seen. If you can, consider supporting your favorite local business. It can make a big difference for our local community.

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